The limited model of «Ape Calessino» that has got only 600 examples around the world, is a version inspired by the first fabricated edition manufactured over 60 years ago, and it can give a unique experience to passengers in the style of the «Dolce Vita» era, when actors and political personalities took photos when they did the tour. Now you can transform yourself into one of these celebrities, and make a touristic trip in the landscape of «Las Fuentes del Algar» .

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  • Thirty minuts trip in “Fuentes del Algar”
  • Price: 20€ altogether (not each person). Max 4 people/car.
  • We speak English, Spanish, German, French, Russian and Italian.
  • We explain the huge variety of flora and fauna.
  • There are only seven cars like these in Spain.
  • Our customers are very satisfied.